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Welcome to Bo'neFly Aero Charter "Omni Channel Communication Portal."

This format on this portal will be designed to improve upon workforce management solutions to allow our clients to communicate via the following NextGen Communication Channels.

  • Voice
  • eMail
  • Social
  • Chat
  • Mobile
  • Virtual Interactivity

Hopefully, this improved format will enable our clients the opportunity to communicate with the appropriate professional client service executives to address and rectify questions and/or concerns in a timely fashion. Understandingly, clients are steadfastly utilizing their very own version of self-service communication tools ... however you (clients) may discover the need to use professional client service executives to address to resolve complex issues.

Admittedly, from our limited "Customer Expectation" research we were drawn to the 2015 Harris Poll survey and the results are posted below ... for your review and inspection.

89% (nine in ten consumers said companies need to work harder to provide a better customer experience.)

69% (seven in ten said they're willing to pay more for a product/service that has a good customer service reputation.).

Perhaps, the most unnerving revelation that has derived from the Harris Poll survey is the realization that consumer are overwhelmed with multi-prompt phase and complete dissatisfaction with the multi-prompt workflow flow processes relegated by the contact centers. Unfortunately, consumers have been forced to endure an unnerving time wasting experience, which has created a great deal of dissension with contact call centers, that now  steadfastly remain at a "All-Time High". 

Source: 2015 in Contact Consumer Research: "Role of the Contact Center in Customer Journey", conducted by Harris Poll. Base: 2028 US Adults ages 18 and over.

Bo'neFly Aero Charter and Bo'neFly Travel Counselors understand that your opinion matters and we would like to provide every possible means available to communicate. Hopefully, other forward thinking courteous and professional Supplemental Lift Brokers, Travel Agencies, Certified Travel Agents and Counselors, Air Charter Operators and Travel Professionals will undoubtedly follow our lead.

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