As required per US Department of Transportation: Federal Aviation Administration 


Bo'neFly Aero Charter is not a direct or indirect "Air Carrier". We are Concierge Air Charter Brokers and we do not own or operate any aircraft. All flights Bo'neFly Aero Charter arranges are for our clients and these flights are operated by FAR Part 135 or FAR Part 121 air carriers or its foreign equivalent "Operators." The FAR Part 135 and FAR Part 121 air carriers shall maintain full operational control of their charter flights at all times...

Bo'neFly Aero Charter may represent (arrange for our clients) in four separate categories:

  1. Agent of the Consumer (represent air charter clients).
  2. Agent of the Air Carrier (represent air charter operators by being the marketing agency for the air carriers).
  3. A Direct Air Charter Broker for Consumers (locate appropriate air charter operators and contracts the flight and/or series of flights directly) and/or Air Charter Broker for Air Charter Operators (locate consumers and contracts the flight and/or a series of flights directly).
  4. An Indirect Air Charter Broker/Carrier (purchases air transportation for its own account from a direct operator carrier and resells air transportation to consumers).

In the event we (Bo'neFly Aero Charter) act in the capacity of an Indirect Air Charter Broker, we shall negotiate contracts directly with the clients and operators, per DOT-OST-2007-27057 RIN #2105-AD66 as it relates to the DOT's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking.