About Us

The most passionate supplemental lift brokers who focus on your individualized destination needs.

Your opinion always matters with Bo’neFly Aero Charter and Bo’neFly Travel Counselors; we would be honored to learn how we can exceed your sensitive and confidentially secure global travel accommodation needs. When you are ready … allow us to earn your business.

Perhaps you are wondering who we really are … since you are previewing the infamous “About Us” page. Bo’neFly Aero Charter team members are avid aviation enthusiasts who continually share an interplanetary love for aeronautics and aerospace. This passion was inspired from a child’s perspective and curiosity of the flight abilities of a bumble bee and later developed during a journey in the U.S. Military. Coincidentally, the curiosity remained steadfast and was further theorized from University studies, which propelled and perpetuated into the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) space tourism business opportunity. Admittedly, the LEO partnership opportunity was garnered, honed and embraced due to numerous conversations with Jules Klar of Rocketship Tours; our BFF and a truly deserving, acknowledged pioneer of space tourism marketing and promotions.

Understandably, you may be wondering who is the approximate number of team members and their comprehensive organizational make up … well the answer is rather simple.  Bo’neFly Aero Charter consist of less than 10 unique professionals who are capable and dedicated to ensure your travel accommodation needs are always met and exceeded to a exceptional degree. Admittedly, we are personally familiar with numerous destinations “Near and Far.”

Albeit, we are a fluid team and sometimes we have an opportunity to personally experience (FAM) Familiarization Travel Excursion trips designed exclusively for travel professionals. Perhaps, this is one of our shortcomings; although we hope that you do not become frustrated from our momentary lapse in communication. Nevertheless, we are adamant professionals and your destination management needs shall remain vitally confidential and sensitive 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks and 365 days of the year.

As our clients, you are our primary concern, your opinion always matters as well as your questions require a direct and honest response. In the interim, we personally thank you for your interest in working with us at “Bo’neFly Aero Charter” and we look forward to the opportunity to provide a pleasurable working relationship as we continually earn your confidential and sensitive business; Today.

Once again, Thank you for considering Bo’neFly Aero Charter and Bo’neFly Travel Counselors, a destination management company. Hopefully, you’ll have the desire to be one of the the first to discover our latest exhilarating event offerings, which is located on the Bo’neFly Travel Counselors website. Simply select “More” to explore unique adventurous lifetime excursions.